Thumbnail Productions
Cianna P. Stewart

I specialize in drawing out people's stories and experiences and capturing them on camera.
My interview and production techniques draw on my background in theater, design, counseling, communications, and collaborative art.
Video has suprising power to communicate a message, a mood, a personality, a style. I'm having a great time exploring what it can do.
When you want more than just a piece that looks good, if you want something that will also give you a feeling about a person
and insight into their ideas, then give me a call. That's what I like to do.

I can be reached most easily by cell at (415) 341-3900 and via email


Current Projects



When you need to convey not only what you know but also what you're like, do it through a short video portrait.

Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

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Seeking Asian Female

Why do some men date only Asian women? And what is their impact on the women they seek?


Completed Projects


What Goes Up

Edward and Deborah get stuck in an elevator and discover that they might not be so different after all.
(Short film)

Winner: Audience Choice, Best Acting


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Nrrrd Grrrl by MC Chris

Unofficial music video

Coproducer, Director, Writer, Editor

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Campus Battleground

What impact does the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have on college students in the U.S.?

Associate Producer

aired on PBS

Hunting the Hidden Dimension

Fractals are everywhere in nature - and our own bodies. What are they & how does understanding them help us to understand the world? (Documentary)

Associate Producer

Aired on PBS Nova


There Is No Name For This

Chinese and Chinese-American lesbians, gays, and bisexuals share their stories.
(Documentary. Mandarin, Cantonese & English)

Winner: Best Documentary. Chicago Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 1998.

Coproducer, Codirector

For API Wellness Center


World Record Guy

Eddie has decided it's time to break his father's 5 world records.

Art Director

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After Mason's partner is killed, he is unwillingly assigned on a stakeout with a woman who out-ranks him.
(Short film)

Winner: Audience Choice, Best Cinematography, Best Use of Required Prop


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Pandemic diseases have swept through every region of the world throughout history. What causes them? Could it happen again?
(Four-part documentary series)

Researcher, Contributing Writer

Aired on National Geographic


Coming Out, Coming Home

Asian-American parents share what it was like to have their son or daughter come out as gay.


For API Family Pride